Tips and Ideas


Basic tailoring can change a frumpy ill-fitting outfit into a perfect silhouette.


A few new buttons sewn on to your clothes will bring them to life. Use buttons from old clothes that you no longer wear or from local charity shops.

Beads and Sequins

Add beads and sequins to make your clothes sparkle. Bead shops are great fun.


Dying is an extremely simply way of freshening up old clothes. here are so many colours available and many different methods including cold and hot dyes.


A great hippy, festival style can be achieved with some elastic bands and a bucket of dye. You'd be surprised how good the results can be when you do it right.

Tears and Rips

Torn clothes don't have to look like builder's cast offs. Ripped jeans are back in fashion and easily created by simply cutting horizontal cuts up the front of an old pair of jeans. Chop the sleeves off of a T shirt. They don't fray and look great.

Sew scraps together to make accessories

Chop off all the best bits from old clothes and sew them together to make something unique. A bag, a scarf, a waistcoat. The possibilities are endless. Try eBay for bundles of fabric that people are selling off.


Sewing Lessons and Courses

Coming soon...

Getting to know your sewing machine

Bring your sewing machine along and learn to string it up, wind bobbins, change feet and practice using particukar stitches.

Make a basic curtain

How to make a lined curtain from start to finish.