Clothing Alterations & Repairs

Your favourite garments altered to fit, or repaired back to their best.


Whether you have a zip to replace, clothes to repair or you need a streamlined fit, get in touch. Eva can mend, repair or customise your clothes for the perfect fit.

Clothes Alterations

  • Shorten jean hems

  • Lengthen false hems

  • Shorten trouser hems

  • Alter side seams

  • Leat out sides (false seam)

  • Taper legs

  • Reduce or taper waistbands

  • Let out waist band

  • Take in tops and dresses under arms

Clothes Repairs

  • Replace half pocket

  • Replace full pocket

  • Reseat trousers

  • Repair pocket edge

  • Zip Replacements

  • Button Holes

  • Re-Hem

Bespoke Clothing

  • Bespoke customisations

  • Garment copying