Sewing Price Guide


Made to Measure Curtains

Cased or Gathered Header
From £30 per width

Pencil or Pinch Pleat
From £40 per width

Tie Backs
From £30 per pair

Curtain Relining

Regular Lining
From £50 per width

From £60 per width

Curtain Alterations

Shorten Curtain
From £20 per width

Shorten Net Curtain
From £15 per width

Roman Blinds

Regular lining
From £60

From £75

Loose Covers

Scatter Cushion Covers
From £10 each

Sofa Cushion Covers
From £35 each

Curtain Repairs

Subject to requirements

Trousers & Jeans

Alter Hem
Shorten from £15

From £25

Waist Adjustment
From £15

Replace zip (supplied)
From £15

Coats & Jackets

Shorten Hem
From £27

Shorten Sleeves
From £22

Alter Seams
Sides from £27
Back from £17

Tailoring with darts
From £15

Replace zip (supplied)
From £15

Dresses & Skirts

Alter Hem
Shorten from £22

Adjust Seams
Sides from £20
Waist from £20
Under arm from £17

Adjust Strap
From £15 each

New Waste Elastic
From £20

Buttons, hooks and eyes, poppers etc
From £6


Alter Hem
Shorten from £12

Alter Seams
From £14

Shorten Sleeves
From £16

Cotton lining is supplied with all made to measure curtains and roman blinds. Interlining is available upon request from £10 per width.

Please note, prices may vary depending on the fabric of the curtain or garment and complexity of the project, alteration or repair. If in doubt, please contact Eva for personalised pricing.